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  • 2023-09-05

    Interpretation of The Features of WI680II Wireless Weighing Indicator
    The weighing indicator refers to the indicator in the electronic weighing indicator that displays the quality and weighing state of the object to be weighed. It converts the weighing signal (or through the weight transmitter) into a digital display of weight, and can store and count the weight data.
  • 2023-09-04

    Precautions for installing S-type load cells
    The principle of the load cell resistance strain gauge:Ningbo Chenbang smart resistance strain gauge is an element used to measure strain. It converts changes in strain on mechanical components into changes in electrical resistance. The resistance strain gauge is made of constantan wire or nickel-ch
  • 2023-08-23

    How to configure the multiple boards of the portable weighing instrument
    Automobile axle scale is also called automobile axle load meter, automobile wheel load meter, automobile wheel load meter and complete wheel axle load weighing system, English name: Axle load measuring instrument. The whole wheel axle weighing system is used to measure the whole wheel load, front an
  • 2023-08-21

    Brief Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Portable Truck Scale
    Brief Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Portable Truck ScaleA portable weighbridge is a portable electronic scale used to measure the weight of an object, usually consisting of an electronic sensor, battery, display, drive circuit, and calibration device. It is usually used in field we
  • 2023-08-14

    Brief analysis of intelligent load cell junction box
    Load Cell Junction Box Background Technology:The weighing junction box is a device that outputs one signal after adjusting the signals of multiple load cells. It is divided into analog junction box and digital junction box. The analog junction box is a device that outputs a voltage signal after conn
  • 2023-07-17

    Weighbridge Junction Box Connection Method and Interpretation of Installation and Commissioning
    The weighing junction box is a device commonly used to connect weighing load cells and indicating instruments, data acquisition instruments and other equipment. It usually contains multiple terminals, which can convert, amplify, and filter the output signal of the load cell, and output the processed
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