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How to configure the multiple boards of the portable weighing instrument

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Automobile axle scale is also called automobile axle load meter, automobile wheel load meter, automobile wheel load meter and complete wheel axle load weighing system, English name: Axle load measuring instrument. The whole wheel axle weighing system is used to measure the whole wheel load, front and rear axle load, left and right load and total weight of (truck, bus, van, SUV, car, electric vehicle). Ningbo Saintbond intelligent weighing platform sensor adopts the sensor imported from Germany. The weighing body adopts laser sealing welding.

Details of mobile weighbridge use:

1: The touch screen is in the form of soft touch, please do not knock it hard or press it with sharp objects.

2: Avoid using when the temperature changes suddenly.

3: Do not use the device in an environment with high temperature, high pressure, humidity, vibration or strong electromagnetic.

4: It is strictly forbidden to brake on the sensor or the guide plate to prevent the sensor from slipping, or the connecting plug and signal cable may be damaged due to the movement of the sensor and the guide plate (applicable to wired portable weighing instruments).

5: Please find a venue that is as level as possible when using the venue. The closer the road level is to the level, the better the accuracy (provided that the upper surface of the bearing plate is on the same level).

6: Please do not disassemble the instrument without authorization.

7: When installing the sensor, pay attention to keep the sensor flat, and check by the superior to ensure that there will be no uneven contact with the ground. The Ningbo Saintbond intelligent axle load meter cannot perform vehicle detection when there are small stones under the sensor.

8: Do not modify system parameters or delete system files at will.

9: When the printer pauses for a short time or there is a printing error prompt, do not click the print button multiple times, but check whether the printer is normal and whether the power cord of the printer is plugged in, or follow the prompts to exit to the main interface, reset and then enter reprinting.

10: If you encounter a fault or other unsolvable problems during use, please record the fault phenomenon or problem details in detail, and contact our company in time.

Portable weighing instrument product features:

Imported sensors are used, and the accuracy of the sensor is increased by the A/D digital linear processing technology through multiple compensation processes. Solve problems such as zero point and impedance matching.

The dual-core intelligent instrument is adopted to realize self-inspection, self-calibration, self-compensation, and data processing capabilities with the advantages of strong computing power, fast response speed, high resolution, and stability and reliability.

Imported stainless steel weighing platform, sealed layout. Simple operation interface and core patented software manage and adjust the vehicle inspection process.

How to configure the multiple boards of the portable weighing instrument:

For the wireless car weighing instrument, many friends asked whether my car model is suitable. In this regard, Ningbo Saintbond Intelligent has sorted out some relevant information, hoping to be helpful to everyone;

Ningbo Saintbond intelligent wireless car weighing instrument is mainly divided into dynamic weighing and static weighing;

Dynamic weighing is mainly composed of 2 boards and a wireless instrument light: the applicable models are 2-axle car, 3-axle car, 5-axle car, 6-axle car, etc.

Static weighing is mainly configured according to the axle type of the vehicle. For example, a 2-axle vehicle is equipped with 4 panels, and others can be analogized in turn;

1: Transportation and quality technology department, can withstand heavy loads of high-tonnage vehicles for a long time, the data is accurate and stable! Shanghai Jiujin Electronic Weighing Instrument Co., Ltd. products can stand the strict test of demanding users!

The top technology creates the current domestic automobile weighing products!

2: Portable truck scales are used in occasions where precision is not high, such as logistics and loading. Plug and play, can be directly put into the trunk of a car, and can be powered by a car cigarette lighter. other instructions:

3: Table size: 700mmx500mmx65mm (length x height x width);

4: Overall accuracy: 1%~3%;

5: Two power supply modes of AC and DC;

6: Large single-chip weighing: 15T;

7: Overbalance speed:

Portable axle load scale for automobile performance 1. Weighing range: ⑴ Wheel weight: 0~15T (2) Axle load: 0~30T (3) Vehicle weight: 0~1200T

1: Static accuracy: ±0.3% FS

2: Product weight: weighing platform: 25Kg (single)

3: Driving speed: within 5 kilometers at a constant speed

4: Weighing platform size: 700mm×500mm×65mm

5: Meter size: 430×335×170mm

7: Platen weight: 20kg/block; leading slope weight: 7kg/block.

8: The weighing platform is calibrated separately, with 10-point correction to improve the accuracy of the product.

9: It has time and date display, vehicle number, personnel, venue, ticket number, etc. input, instrument and battery power indication of two weighing platforms, etc.

10: Digital menu operation, full Chinese operation panel, simple and clear

11: It can print data such as date, vehicle number, personnel, venue, ticket number, axle weight, axle group weight, total weight, weight value and unit.

12: Standard RS-232 interface is adopted, which is convenient to connect with the computer.

13: Built-in high-capacity battery, once charged, can be used for 48 hours, and can be powered by a car cigarette lighter;

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