Automation in Agriculture
The continuous development of agricultural modernization has always been one of the important symbols of China's economic development. Then a large part of the intelligence of agricultural modernization is to select the appropriate measurement and control sensors (force measurement pressure, temperature, displacement and other sensors) to complete the collection, processing and command sending of various data. The choice of reliable sensors can significantly improve the reliability and life of agricultural heavy equipment vehicles.
At present, Ningbo Saintbond mainly provides electrical resistance strain sensors for force monitoring for various agricultural equipment.
The following applications are provided by Ningbo Saintbond agricultural machinery measurement and control services:
01: The soil tiller can judge the hardness of the soil according to the force value measured by the force sensor, so as to determine the depth of plowing;
02: The load sensor is used in the rice trans-planter to detect and judge the degree of soil hardness and hardness, and the depth of the inserted field is automatically judged according to the detection data;
03: Fertilizer and seeder need to monitor the workload of a certain period of time, and farmers can also calculate fertilizer and sowing amount according to the size of the field, which requires sensors for accurate detection;
Designers should also consider overload and burst requirements when selecting load cells. The overload pressure is the maximum force that the sensor can withstand without affecting the calibration, and the burst force is the maximum force that the transmitter can withstand under the condition that the seal is not broken or damaged, both of which are important considerations for designers;
Pressure sensors used in agricultural equipment must be able to withstand very harsh environments. In many cases, heavy agricultural equipment vehicles are susceptible to water, moisture, chemicals and dust. Considering the performance of the influence sensor, Rürth takes into account the factors that can withstand shock and vibration, washing, high temperature and humid environment, so as to provide users with more practical and higher protection level measurement and control sensors;
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