Stress Analysis
Ningbo Saintbond technical team is also engaged in the research and development of strain test products and application technical services, rich experience in field application and installation testing enables us to recommend accurate and complete test products according to field applications, and can also provide efficient and convenient test program customization services.
Ningbo Saintbond has served partners from all walks of life in China, including major famous universities, research institutes, national metro-logy, quality inspection institutions, as well as well-known automobiles, aerospace, trains, ships, heavy industry manufacturers, national defense industry.

Application Cases:
●On-site stress strain test and measurement;
●Intelligent health monitoring of buildings;
●Aircraft static test large aircraft engine stress test analysis;
●Stress and strain test of industrial automation equipment;
●Stress and strain test and analysis of wind turbine fan;
●Wind turbine bolt tightening force detection and analysis;
●Stress data acquisition during circuit board printing;
●Stress-strain force measurement of automobile connecting rod;
●Power line tower pole stress test;
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