Civil Engineering
Resistance strain gages and strain gauge force transducers have been widely used in the measurement of mechanical parameters of civil engineering in China, and electrical strain sensors have also developed rapidly in civil engineering. Whether it is in building materials geotechnical engineering, engineering structure, construction machinery, construction technology, engineering physics and other aspects have a wide range of applications.
●Measurement of steel bar prestress in concrete;
●Steel cable force measurement;
●Rebar tension measurement (rebar meter);
●Wind shock dynamic test;
●Absolute pressure sensor (earth pressure gauge);
●Concrete construction stress measurement sensor;
●Dam, bridge load force measurement and detection, etc.
Ningbo Saintbond strain gauge and strain gauge force sensor can be applied to long-term measurement of compressive stress of soil inside large storage tanks, dams, nuclear power plants, high-rise buildings, foundation pits, tunnels, bridges and other structures, so as to effectively monitor the internal earth pressure change of the measured structure.
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