Applications for Automotive Manufacturing
In order to provide automotive users with historically high safety, comfort, energy saving and environmental protection products, major automobile manufacturers need to accurately and accurately perform performance test and measurement experiments. These include vehicle and parts assembly and quality control, vehicle strength and component testing (crash safety test, body stiffness test, wiper test, seat belt test, braking force test, etc.).
Vehicle and parts assembly and quality control: Through a series of measurement and control sensors and supporting solutions, the quality of vehicle production is guaranteed, and the production efficiency is improved, and the well saves manpower and material resources to reduce costs. Shunqiang's various miniature force measurement and multi-dimensional force sensors are mostly used in the manufacturing process and quality control of automotive automation production lines;
Automotive safety performance testing
Vehicle strength and parts testing:
In order to test the structure of the vehicle and the ability to react to accidents, we provide a series of experimental test sensors and related systems such as crash safety test, body stiffness test, seat belt test, braking
force test, etc.
Automotive production assembly workshop
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