Internet of Things
As the third wave of information industry development, the Internet of Things has gradually penetrated into many fields such as industry, transportation, environment, military and even residential life and personal health. The core of the Internet of Things is the sensing technology, which needs to convert all analog signal information into digital information through various sensors before it can be classified into the computer for unified orchestration and management. Ningbo Saintbond creates the most demanded weighing, force and
strain sensor data acquisition and analysis system for you in the Internet of things.

Application Cases:
●Unmanned vending machine inventory management;
●Unmanned supermarket inventory data collection and inventory;
●Unmanned warehouse inventory data collection management;
●Mass data collection and management of urban environmental protection waste points;
●Long-term data collection of intelligent transportation equipment;
●Unmanned factory equipment product measurement data collection and analysis;
Sensing systems are widely used in the Internet of Things, covering intelligent transportation, environmental protection, government work, public safety, safe home, intelligent fire protection, industrial monitoring, environmental monitoring, street lamp control and control, elderly care, personal health, etc.;
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