Automation of the Textile Industry
Sensors have a broad application space in the field of textile machinery, among which tension sensors are particularly widely used. During textile production, the tension of the yarn needs to be monitored at all times. Shunqiang has created textile special tension sensors for many textile enterprises. The most important thing is the force of the material wrapped around the roller, and the measurement and monitoring of this force is the most direct means of measuring the tension of the material. After the tension value is feedback, it can be supplied to a series of tension closed-loop controllers, which then adjust the motor, brakes, etc. to ensure that the material tension is kept constant throughout the process. So that the equipment works more smoothly, the quality of textile products is better.
Ningbo Saintbond professional tension sensor can be used in the tension monitoring of various textile machinery, which has made great contributions to the improvement of textile technology and ergonomics.
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