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Interpretation of The Features of WI680II Wireless Weighing Indicator

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The weighing indicator refers to the indicator in the electronic weighing indicator that displays the quality and weighing state of the object to be weighed. It converts the weighing signal (or through the weight transmitter) into a digital display of weight, and can store and count the weight data. , Printed electronic equipment, often used in automatic batching and weighing in industrial and agricultural production to improve production efficiency.

Weighing indicator industry background:

In the past ten years, with the development of domestic productivity, China's weighing indicator industry has undergone tremendous changes. From the scarcity and intermingling of good and bad in China more than a decade ago, there are now hundreds of weighing indicator manufacturers with a certain scale that can design and manufacture weighing indicators that meet the national requirements for weighing indicator accuracy, stability, and anti-interference ability. Ningbo Saintbond Intelligent Technology is one of the weighing indicators that can design and manufacture appearance and performance comparable to counterparts in developed countries, and can achieve reasonable cost control, high cost performance, and has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers. The specific representative products WI280, WI680 series weighing indicators With the rapid development of the domestic weighing indicator market, the competition between traditional platform scales and truck scales has reached a fierce level, and many customers have put forward higher requirements for weighing indicators and their systems. Among them, the demand for centralized data management and remote monitoring is particularly prominent.

With the expansion of the scale of Ningbo Saintbond intelligent weighing indicator user enterprises, the increase in product complexity, and the increasingly perfect management system, various new requirements for weighing indicators and their systems are constantly being raised, including centralized data management, remote Monitoring and other needs are particularly prominent. Ningbo Saintbond Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a weighing indicator manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacture of weighing indicators that meet the national requirements for the accuracy, stability, and anti-interference ability of weighing indicators. The weighing indicator produced is characterized by reasonable cost control and high cost performance, which has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers.

WI680II wireless indicator features:

Standard 433MHz wireless module, long distance, strong anti-interference ability. (868MHz, 2.4GHz wireless module optional).

It can store a larger amount of data, accept input operations, and print custom content, which is suitable for various occasions.

The implementation of ordinary RF wireless transmission is relatively simple. Most of them use GFSK Gaussian frequency shift keying. Perform digital modulation to transmit digital information. The method of use is also relatively simple, generally by selecting the channel and frequency for pairing, the pairing wireless transmission can be performed.


Ordinary RF wireless transmission has the following characteristics:

1): The transmission distance can reach one to two thousand kilometers in the open area, when there is no co-channel interference source nearby and large interference. It can basically meet the needs of most customers, but it cannot meet the requirements in the case of dense buildings and harsh electromagnetic environments.

2): It is easy to use and adopts transparent transmission, but the information is easy to be stolen, and additional encryption and decryption processing is required.

3): Using the 433Mhz free frequency band commonly used in China, no additional application is required. However, users of this frequency band are relatively concentrated. In addition, the frequency point is narrow, it is difficult to prevent collisions, and the frequency drift phenomenon is more serious. In intensive use, In this case, the serial frequency and bit error rate are high.

4): The system is cheap and the follow-up maintenance cost is low. It can be seen that ordinary RF wireless transmission is more cost-effective when it is suitable for ordinary medium-distance applications and non-intensive use places.

Zigbee wireless transmission:

Zigbee wireless transmission is also a kind of RF wireless transmission.

Zigbee is a low-power personal area network protocol based on the IEEE802.15.4 standard. The technology specified in this agreement is a short-distance, low-power wireless communication technology. The name comes from the eight-figure dance of bees, because bees rely on the "dance" of flying and zig-zagging wings to communicate the location of pollen to their companions. That is to say, bees rely on this method. constitutes the communication network in the group. It is characterized by close range, low complexity, self-organization, low power consumption, low data rate, and low cost.

It is mainly suitable for the fields of automatic control and remote control, and can be embedded in various devices. In short, Zigbee is a cheap, low-power short-range wireless networking communication technology.

Ningbo Saintbond Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. uses Zigbee wireless transmission technology to develop a Bluetooth crane scale carrying a Bluetooth transmitter. It can be paired with a Bluetooth printer or a mobile phone, and uses a professionally developed mobile phone APP to control the crane scale and data transmission.

Ningbo Saintbond intelligent wireless weighing indicator has very important applications in modern production, business and medical care fields. By using a meter, we can accurately measure the weight or mass of an object and quickly obtain this data for subsequent operations. With the continuous development and innovation of technology, the accuracy and reliability of indicators are also continuously improved, and they will be applied in more fields in the future.

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