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Brief Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Portable Truck Scale

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A portable weighbridge is a portable electronic scale used to measure the weight of an object, usually consisting of an electronic sensor, battery, display, drive circuit, and calibration device. It is usually used in field weighing, logistics, freight, quality inspection, warehouse management and other fields. The working principle of the portable weighbridge is to use electronic sensors to weigh objects, and its display shows the weight information of the object. Portable weighbridges usually have removable parts so that they can be removed and reinstalled in different locations for weighing in different environments if required. Ningbo Chenbang Intelligent WS1110 Portable Weighbridge usually has the following features: Compact design: Portable Weighbridge usually has a small size and weight, which is convenient for installation and use. Powerful Electronic Sensors: Portable weighbridges often feature powerful electronic sensors that can accurately measure the weight of an object. Detachable structure: The portable weighbridge can be disassembled and reinstalled to different positions to meet different environmental needs. Display: Portable weighbridges are often equipped with programmable digital or analog displays that can display information about weight, volume, density, etc. Calibration device: Portable weighbridges require periodic calibration to ensure accurate measurements. Portable weighbridge is a very useful device that can improve the accuracy and efficiency of weighing, and is widely used in logistics, freight, quality inspection, warehouse management and other fields.

Brief introduction of portable weighbridge:

The advantages of Ningbo Chenbang intelligent portable weighbridge compared with ordinary electronic weighbridges are that the table is thin, light in weight, and easy to carry. The structure of the bottom has high weighing accuracy and excellent sealing effect. It is widely used in road transportation load control, highway law enforcement inspection, automobile safety performance detection, municipal waste disposal, etc. The development and utilization of portable weighbridges are the most advanced. Municipal, security and other departments bring great convenience.

The weighing platform of the portable weighbridge is calibrated separately, with 10-point correction, which greatly improves the accuracy of the product. In addition, it also has the functions of time and date display, car number and ticket number input, etc. Ningbo Chenbang intelligent portable weighbridge instrument and two weighing platform batteries The digital menu operation such as power monitoring indication is simple and clear. Data such as date, vehicle number, ticket number, axle weight, axle group weight, total weight, overweight value and monitoring unit can be printed.

The portable weighbridge adopts the standard RS-232 interface, which is convenient to connect with the computer; it can automatically judge the type of axle and tire; it can automatically judge whether it is overrun. Automatically print a complete test voucher; can transmit test data to the host computer at any time; automatic speed compensation; full Chinese character dot matrix display vehicle information. ; 1000 test records can be stored; complete retrieval and statistical functions; portable floor scales have two working modes: * and *.

A brief analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of portable truck scales:

Portable truck scale, also known as portable floor scale, is composed of two ultra-thin weighing platforms, two sets of four approach bridges and a weighing indicator. Portable truck scales are loved for their portability, but are there any downsides? Let's talk briefly.

The weighing platform of the portable truck scale is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is not only simple and light, but also durable, and the protection performance meets the requirements of IP 67. Its load cell is made of ultra-thin steel sensor, laser welding sealing process, compact structure, anti-bias load, strong overload capacity, good stability, and good sealing. And the strong rubber guide slope is reasonably connected with the weighing platform, which can keep the weighing balance of the vehicle even in the unbalanced weighing state, and ensure that the weighing platform will not jump up during the weighing. The instrument is also a portable instrument, AC and DC dual-purpose, integrated display and printing, convenient, fast, stable and reliable. The portable truck scale is suitable for occasions that do not require high precision such as over-limit detection and logistics loading. Plug and play, can be directly put into the trunk of a car, and can also supply power to a car cigarette lighter. Widely used in national high-speed overload detection, sand and gravel field, mine and other places.

So many Ningbo Chenbang intelligent portable truck scales have been introduced, so what are its advantages? What are the disadvantages?


The simple layout, advanced sensing force method, multiple weighing ranges and high resolution make this car weighbridge suitable for different types of vehicles for dynamic and static effective weighing. It is suitable for highway overrun detection system, load control of transport vehicles, weighing of low-value materials (such as yellow sand/stone/garbage) and other shaft measurement places.


Because the portable truck scale adopts the principle of dynamic axle load accumulation to achieve weighing, its dynamic weighing accuracy is far lower than the national third-level standard (one in three thousand), and its weighing accuracy also has a high impact on vehicle speed and ground smoothness. requirements, so there is no fixed scale height in terms of degrees.

How to use the portable weighbridge:

Hard and smooth cement pavement.

Do not install the weighing instrument in a place with high pressure and strong electrons, and do not use it in a place with strong electrons and strong vibration. Avoid sudden changes in temperature, the impact on sensing equipment.

The weighing instrument can be used in severe heavy rain and muddy environment in cold regions. The service life of weighing instrument products can reach more than 10 years. Can stand the rigorous test of more demanding users! The user of the weighing instrument believes that this is the weighing instrument of the current domestic load limit detection product!

1: The axle load meter cannot be loaded, it should be scaled, and pay attention to the humidity and dust in the operating environment;

2: Maintain good weighing habits when using, keep the weighing vehicle at a speed of 5 kilometers per hour, load the scale evenly, and avoid barbaric behaviors such as fast weighing and sudden braking, which will cause inaccurate weighing and affect its use;

3: When the weighing display controller is not in use (such as more than one month), it should be checked according to the environmental conditions to avoid the influence of moisture or other adverse erosion;

4: It is forbidden to carry out arc welding operation on the weighing platform. If arc welding operation must be carried out on the weighing platform, please pay attention to disconnect the signal cable from the weighing display controller.

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