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The Contribution of Load Cell to the Development of Industrial Economy

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1: Sensors promote new product development.

Because we can master various internal states of mechanical equipment by using various methods, we can further develop many unprecedented new products or new equipment. All kinds of automatic equipment, high-precision equipment, high-power equipment, electronic medical equipment, agricultural machinery, new measuring instruments.

2: Help sensors reduce costs.

Sensors can help people reduce costs in production. For example, when designing mechanical equipment, if sensors are used to measure the state of various parts of the machine, many empirical formulas and safety factors will be introduced into many material mechanics formulas, and many of these factors are not clear. Through the analysis of stress, strain, vibrator and other parameters, the optimal results will be obtained, so as to achieve the purpose of saving raw materials. From the perspective of production technology of factories and mining enterprises, if the sensor can be used as household property, obvious effects will be achieved in eliminating defective products, ensuring safety, improving accuracy, etc. When the automatic device is developed to save manpower. For the acquisition of management equipment, sensors are widely used in acquiring management data, technology, inspection operations, product packaging and other aspects.

3: Sensors promote automation.

To transform nature, man must first encounter the problem of controlling, manipulating and managing certain material processes. If we want to be more efficient, free ourselves from repetitive activities, and go deep into the environment that we can't get rid of, people constantly strive to create automatic control machines. No information acquisition is indispensable in the process of control. Especially with the development of microcomputer and sensor, this kind of automatic control equipment has been widely used, which makes the automation technology of microcomputer and sensor more free and free.

4: Sensors drive technological innovation.

The substantial improvement in technology and quality of various industrial products is inseparable from the development of measurement technology. For example, to make a high-precision machine, its parts must be processed with high precision. For example, in agricultural machinery, there is a system that can inform the range of planting areas and produce certain effects. Then such a system should have the function of providing the most appropriate temperature, water and fertilizer, light, humidity, air composition, etc. after seeds or seedlings enter the system. To achieve this, sensors that are conducive to temperature, humidity, fertilizer and other conditions must be used.

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