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  • 2023-06-28

    Optimization Design of Diaphragm in Welding Sealed Load load cell
    Introduction:The usage environment of resistance strain type load (weighing) load cells is sometimes very harsh. In such environments, if the load cell is not effectively and reliably sealed, it will fail in the short term. So, in order to ensure that load cells can work stably and normally in this
  • 2023-06-25

    High Temperature Weighing Load Cell with Cylindrical Spiral Spring Inductance Coil
    Abstract: This article proposes a design scheme for a cylindrical spiral spring inductive coil high-temperature weighing load cell. The high-temperature weighing load cell consists of a cylindrical spiral spring inductance coil, a weighing signal transmission line, and a measurement and adjustment c
  • 2023-06-16

    The role and development trend of the manufacturing process for weighing Load Cell
    Abstract: From the perspectives of research and development of strain gauge weighing load cells, strengthening enterprise competitiveness, and participating in international market competition, the position and role of manufacturing technology are recognized. It is concluded that strain gauge weighi
  • 2023-03-10

    Structure of bellows load cell
    The bellows load cell is made of stainless steel and sealed by welding, with the protection level up to IP68.
  • 2023-03-01

    What is the working principle of explosion-proof load cell
    With the application and continuous development of explosion-proof electronic scales, explosion-proof load cells are also developing with the times. They are generally suitable for use in hazardous environments where flammability and explosiveness have certain requirements for explosion-proof. They
  • 2023-02-28

    What should be paid attention to when selecting the load cell of explosion-proof scale?
    1: Accuracy level selection The accuracy level of the weighing sensor of the explosion-proof scale includes the technical indicators such as nonlinearity, creep, repeatability, hysteresis and sensitivity of the sensor. The accuracy level and cost of the explosion-proof scale should be considered ins
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