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What should be paid attention to when selecting the load cell of explosion-proof scale?

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1: Accuracy level selection

The accuracy level of the weighing sensor of the explosion-proof scale includes the technical indicators such as nonlinearity, creep, repeatability, hysteresis and sensitivity of the sensor. The accuracy level and cost of the explosion-proof scale should be considered instead of blindly pursuing high-grade sensors. Generally, the total accuracy of the selected sensor is the root mean square value of the sum of the three indicators of nonlinearity, non repeatability and hysteresis, which is slightly higher than the accuracy of the explosion-proof scale.


2: Range of use of various types of sensors

2.1: Steel bridge sensor is applicable to track scale, truck scale, etc;

2.2: Steel cantilever beam sensor is applicable to electronic belt scale, sorting scale, etc;

2.3: The selection of weighing sensor type of explosion-proof scale mainly depends on the weighing type and installation space to ensure proper installation and safe and reliable weighing;

2.4: Column sensor is applicable to truck scale, dynamic rail scale, large tonnage hopper scale, etc.


3: Operating environment

3.1: Impact of dust and humidity on short circuit of sensor;

3.2: In general, the high temperature environment causes the sensor to have problems such as melting of coating materials, melting of solder joints, structural changes of stress in the elastomer, etc;

3.3: Electromagnetic field will interfere with sensor output;

3.4: The elastomer of the explosion-proof scale sensor may be damaged or short circuited in a highly corrosive environment.

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