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Manufacturing process of load cell

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In the production and manufacturing link, the technical process, technical research and development, manufacturing equipment and raw and auxiliary materials are mainly discussed.

1: Technology process and technology R&D

The core of weighing sensor manufacturing can be summarized as: material is the foundation, structure is the key, process is the core, and detection is the guarantee. In recent ten years, many industry experts have summarized the following gaps in China's load cell technology:

1.1: Few structural types, incomplete varieties and specifications, and rare products for special purposes;

1.2: The accuracy level is low, and the success rate of C3 is not high;

1.3: Poor stability and reliability, high repair rate and low working life;

1.4: The level of product standardization, engineering and enterprise industrialization is low, and the uniformity of product technical indicators is poor;

1.5: Although the appearance quality has been improved, there is still a big gap;

1.6: The process equipment and detection means are not advanced enough and are not matched. In the production process, manual operation and manual control are very important, and the traces of "workshop craftsmanship" are deep. Human factors have a great impact on product quality;

1.7: There are fewer innovative products and products with independent intellectual property rights, more low-level repetitive products, and fewer OEM and direct export products;

1.8: The enterprise does not have core competitive technologies and products, market research is insufficient, and market response speed is too slow, resulting in inability to integrate with the international market. So far, after more than ten years of development, it is still found that although most of the above-mentioned gaps have improved or improved significantly, there are still large gaps in some aspects.

The technological process and R&D capabilities reflect the enterprise's innovation awareness and the concept of sustainable development. The improvement of technological progress and R&D capability depends on the combination of human, material and financial resources. As far as China's weighing sensor manufacturing enterprises are concerned, each enterprise has realized the importance of technology research and development. Except for a few large companies, under the pressure of overcapacity and fierce competition in the industry, the profit margin of the vast majority of manufacturing enterprises is declining year by year, and the investment in development is decreasing year by year, or even vanishing. Eventually, the enterprise stagnates or stays on the sidelines in terms of technology process and technology research and development. After comprehensive analysis, it is not difficult to find that it is mainly caused by the following factors: (1) Weighing sensor technology is a multidisciplinary field, and there is a lack of professional and technical personnel. (2) The industry mentality is impetuous, and the technology management is lagging behind. The enterprise is worried about the technology leakage or imitation by peers after its successful research and development. As a result, the R&D investment will not get the corresponding return. (3) The enterprise is eager for success and fails to recognize the periodicity and periodicity of process improvement, process optimization and technology research and development. (4) The mobility of employees in enterprises is large, and they have no ability to bear hardships, which can not effectively ensure the accumulation of soft power in enterprises.

Technology and process are the core of manufacturing enterprises, and technology research and development provide strong support for technology and process. After years of development, each weighing sensor manufacturing enterprise has fully realized that the improvement and optimization of technology and process is the guarantee for enterprises to create profits and pursue quality. The manufacturing status of the weighing sensor has changed substantially. From the imitation, continuous improvement and gradual digestion of well-known products, it has formed its own design and R&D subject and gradually become stable and mature. In the promotion of the work of China Weighing Instrument Association, the load cell assembly and commissioning workers have been included in the national professional skills ceremony. The national vocational qualification training course - Load Cell Assembly and Debugger (junior intermediate senior technician) was also successfully published a few years ago. With the overall guidance and specifications, the manufacturing enterprises continue to optimize and improve according to their own characteristics. For manufacturing enterprises, it is necessary to emphasize that seeking truth from facts and seeking truth from facts is the premise for technical work. When promoting the development of technology, we must not ignore the relevant rules and there must be no fluke mentality. For example, many weighing sensor manufacturing enterprises, including some influential and branded enterprises, pursue high accuracy of products in extreme cases regardless of the on-site use environment and conditions. It is believed that one or several times of high precision can be used as a high-precision product. The basis for evaluating the accuracy of weighing sensor and weighing instrument is often ignored. In fact, by comparing the weighing sensors made in China with the products of industrial developed countries, it will be found that the technical indicators marked by the weighing sensors in China are far better than each other, but in terms of actual use effect, they are far worse than each other.

2: Manufacturing equipment and raw and auxiliary materials

The manufacturing equipment and raw and auxiliary materials of the load cell are directly related to the quality of product performance and product quality. With the progress of electronic technology and manufacturing technology in China, the manufacturing equipment and raw and auxiliary materials that provide full support for the manufacturing of load cells have made great progress and improvement. It should be emphasized that the technological progress and development of machining equipment, especially CNC equipment and machining centers, ensure the machining accuracy of elastomer machining, improve the machining efficiency and reduce the scrap rate of machining; The development of heat treatment equipment and process level ensures the consistency, uniformity and stability of elastomer quenching; The improvement of the accuracy and stability of the force standard ensures the accuracy and convenience of the weighing sensor test; The development of resistance strain gauge manufacturing technology ensures the consistency, long-term reliability and rework rate of the product in the manufacturing process of the weighing sensor technical indicators and temperature compensation. Customized high and low temperature equipment ensures the uniform distribution of ambient temperature, the stability and authenticity of test data when the load cell is conducting temperature characteristic test.

At present, China's weighing sensor manufacturing enterprises are also in the period of upgrading manufacturing equipment. According to their own technology and research and development level, each manufacturing enterprise has successively invested in new manufacturing equipment without affecting product quality and batch manufacturing. At present, it plays a key role in improving manufacturing capacity. Therefore, the development of the manufacturing level of load cells is inseparable from the development of manufacturing equipment and raw and auxiliary materials.

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