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Function Application Range of Load Cell

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Load cells are usually used in transportation applications to maintain the performance of heavy equipment by monitoring the pressure, hydraulic pressure, flow and liquid level of key systems such as pneumatic, light hydraulic, braking pressure, oil pressure, transmission device and air braking of trucks.

The weighing sensor can be divided into chemical sensor, photosensitive sensor, piezoelectric sensor, piezoresistive sensor, strain sensor, biological sensor, inductive sensor, piezomagnetic sensor, etc. The closer the weighing value of the weighing system is to the rated capacity of the sensor, the higher its weighing accuracy will be. However, in actual use, due to self weight, tare weight, vibration, impact, load imbalance and other reasons, the principle of selecting the number limit of sensors for different weighing systems is very different.

The mass production technology of load cell is developing towards automation. The diversity and complexity of sensor manufacturing technology are determined by the wide variety of sensors and the different sensitive materials used. Looking at the overall situation of the current sensor production line, most processes have achieved single machine automation, but there are still many difficulties to achieve complete automation of the production process. Therefore, CAD, CAM, advanced automation equipment and industrial robots should be widely used in the future to achieve breakthroughs.

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