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Classification of load cell

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According to the conversion method, the load cell is divided into 8 types: photoelectric, hydraulic, electromagnetic, capacitive, magnetic pole change form, vibration type, gyro ceremony, resistance strain type, etc. The resistance strain type is the most widely used.


Including two kinds of raster type and code disc type.

The grating sensor load cell uses the moiré fringe formed by the grating to convert the angular displacement into an optical signal. There are two gratings, one is a fixed grating and the other is a moving grating mounted on the dial shaft. The measured object added to the load-bearing platform rotates the dial shaft through the force transmission lever system, which drives the mobile grating to rotate, so that the moiré fringe also moves. With the use of photoelectric cells, conversion circuits and display instruments, the number of moiré fringes moved can be calculated, and the rotation angle of the grating can be measured, so as to determine and read the quality of the measured object.

The code disc (symbol plate) of the code disc sensor is a piece of transparent glass mounted on the dial shaft, with black and white codes coded according to a certain coding method on it. When the measured object added to the load-bearing platform rotates the dial shaft through the force transmission lever, the code disc also rotates through a certain angle. The photocell will receive the light signal through the code wheel and convert it into an electrical signal, which is then digitally processed by the circuit, and finally the number representing the quality of the test is displayed on the display. Photoelectric sensors have been mainly used in electromechanical scales.

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