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The importance of load cells in industrial automation and the Internet of Things

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Load cell is one of the important components of industrial automation and Internet of Things. The weighing sensor is the way to obtain information in the automatic control system and the Internet of Things. The accuracy and reliability of the weighing sensor ensemble information will directly affect the processing and transmission of information by the control unit. The stability, reliability, response rate, anti-interference and other performance indicators of the weighing sensor will play a decisive role in the performance of the industrial automation control system and the Internet of Things application system. It should be emphasized that for the emerging Internet of Things, weighing

1: Design: The design of the weighing sensor involves many disciplines, many theories, many materials, many processes and on-site use conditions; The design process is complex and many factors are considered; Lack of design talents.

2: Reliability: At present, reliability is one of the main reasons that affect the application of a large number of domestic weighing sensors. According to statistics, the imported weighing sensors used by the power sector in China generally do not need to be overhauled in 2-3 years, while the domestic weighing sensors generally need to be overhauled in 3-6 months. Generally, the reliability index of domestic load cell is 1-2 orders of magnitude lower than that of foreign similar products. Generally speaking, the reliability and design of the weighing sensor (structural design, reliability design, etc.); Basic materials (structural materials, chemical reagents, auxiliary materials, etc.); Process methods (determination of process parameters, selection of process routes, selection of process equipment, etc.); The operating environment (high temperature, high pressure, strong magnetism, vibration, etc.) is closely related. It is also related to the quality management of the manufacturer.

3: Equipment: For a long time, the process equipment of the weighing sensor has not been given due attention. The performance and process innovation of the weighing sensor have a great relationship with the process equipment. The process equipment of the weighing sensor is essentially different from other equipment. It is more focused and special, and is basically a class of weighing sensor and a class of equipment. Most load cell process innovation depends on the advent of new process equipment. In terms of R&D and production of weighing sensor process equipment, the state does not support and has little investment. Relying on self raised funds for R&D by enterprises is not conducive to innovation of weighing sensor process research, and this market is monopolized and occupied by foreign countries, which seriously restricts the development of weighing sensor industry in China.

4: Packaging: The packaging problem of the load cell has been paid more and more attention by the load cell industry. In fact, the weighing pass clarifies the main responsibility of the market sponsor. When signing the lease contract with the stall owner, it clearly puts forward the relevant rights, obligations and legal responsibilities of measurement activities; Regularly train market management personnel on measurement business knowledge and fraud prevention, and allocate standard weights in the market for mass supervision and daily self inspection; Under the condition that the goods purchased by consumers are maintained, the market should actively help consumers to safeguard their rights if they are determined to be short of weight after review; The market and market supervision department should establish a credit mechanism and strengthen the credit construction of the market.

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