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Many applications in emerging industries have effectively promoted the development and popularization of load cell technology

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In the process of modern industrial production and automatic production, it is necessary to use all kinds of weights to transfer three types of monitoring and control various parameters of the production process. The function of the micro weighing sensor is to make the equipment work in the best state under normal conditions, and make the products produced meet the best quality requirements. Without many excellent micro weighing sensors, modern production will lose its foundation. The micro weighing sensor has already penetrated into a wide range of fields, such as industrial production, space development, ocean exploration, environmental protection, resource investigation, medical diagnosis, bioengineering, and even cultural relics protection. In this view, the micro weighing sensor will have a bright future in this intelligent production industry.


With the popularization of many science and technology applications in social life, many industries have a wide circle of market demand for weighing sensor products, especially in recent years, the demand for weighing transmitter products has shown a blowout development. It is precisely because of the rapid increase in social demand for weight spreaders that the development of weighing transmitter technology is effectively promoted. At the same time, more strict requirements are put forward for processing speed, openness and compatibility, data display and transmission, and protection of the symmetric retransmitter. At present, in addition to being applied in traditional industries, the weight transmission prototype has also been well applied in some emerging fields, especially in the development of automobile weighing instruments. Many applications in emerging industries have witnessed the rapid development of today's weighing transmitter technology.


China's load cell has developed rapidly for more than ten years. At present, static and dynamic applications have been formed. Dynamic technology mainly includes belt scale, bucket type batching system, track scale, dynamic truck scale, and static technology mainly includes truck scale, ground scale, ground scale dynamometer, etc. At present, static technology is the most widely used load cell products in the market, which is mainly used for market supervision and management. The main reason is that static instruments have high accuracy. With the development of automatic assembly line technology, there are strict requirements for measurement and detection of automatic assembly line. Therefore, dynamic weighing sensor products are the focus of future development, and the application of dynamic weighing sensor will be more extensive and popular in the future.

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