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How to choose a weighing instrument

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The convenient use of electronic weighing instruments has spread throughout various industries and has been widely used. It not only has high-precision measurement, but also realizes multi-function and multi-purpose. At present, there are hundreds of domestic manufacturers of electronic weighing instruments. The weighing instruments are divided into two categories: automatic weighing instruments and non-automatic weighing instruments, while non-automatic weighing instruments are commonly used in the market. It is mainly used for trade settlement, and it is also the electronic weighing instrument that the masses have the most contact with, such as the commonly used electronic pricing scales, electronic platform scales and electronic truck scales; automatic weighing instruments are generally more common in industrial and mining enterprises. Batching scales, quantitative packaging scales, etc. Electronic weighing instrument is mainly composed of weighing display controller, weighing sensor and electrical control. Parameters such as the accuracy, reliability and failure factor of the scale. How to reasonably choose electronic weighing instruments and weighing display controllers is the most concerned issue for users. 1. Purchase of electronic weighing instruments: The accuracy level of weighing instruments currently on the market is (III) scales, and the display division is generally 3000 divisions. (For example, a 15 kg electronic pricing scale has a minimum division value of 5g) When purchasing: Take a 15 kg electronic pricing scale as an example; 1. The numbers are displayed stably in the empty scale state and the maximum weighing state (Do not blink); 2. Use one-third of the maximum weighing weight (or a weight close to this value) to place it within 1/4 of the scale table (divide the scale table into 4 equal parts) to test whether the number of each point is Consistent; 3. If possible, take the standard weight with the maximum weighing capacity and place it on the sc

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