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Application of explosion-proof load cell

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1: Intrinsically safe electronic weighing system

There are two explosion-proof types of intrinsically safe electronic weighing system: one is independent intrinsically safe explosion-proof system. This system places all circuits of explosion-proof scale sensors, explosion-proof junction boxes, intrinsically safe weighing instruments and other equipment in flammable and explosive hazardous areas. The other type of circuit in the system is a hybrid intrinsically safe explosion-proof system. In this system, the explosion-proof weighing sensor and explosion-proof junction box are placed in the dangerous area, and the safety barrier between the weighing instrument and explosion-proof junction box is placed in the safe area together with the weighing instrument.


2: Explosion proof junction box

When multiple intrinsically safe type a and ib or flameproof type d load cells are used to assemble the electronic scale in parallel, the parallel connection box is an associated device of the intrinsically safe circuit, it is not an intrinsically safe circuit, and must be designed and manufactured into an explosion-proof structure. The explosion-proof junction box applicable to the flammable and explosive hazardous areas, Zone 1 and Zone 2, is preferably made of steel. The roughness of the explosion-proof surface and the minimum effective length L and clearance of the joint surface The maximum diameter difference W and other structural parameters of the shaft and shaft hole flameproof joint surface must meet the flameproof requirements specified in the national standard for flameproof electrical equipment.


3: Intrinsically safe explosion-proof electronic scale

Intrinsically safe explosion-proof electronic scale is based on the principle of explosion-proof weighing sensor, which means that the sensor will not produce dangerous detonating source to detonate explosives in case of fault short circuit. Intrinsically safe type means that all circuits in the equipment will not spend or the energy generated by electric spark and thermal effect is not enough to ignite explosive substances under normal working conditions, and all circuits include load cells, so explosion-proof load cells are required in intrinsically safe explosion-proof scales.

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