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what is S type loadcell

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S-type loadcell is a common loadcell in loadcells. Because its shape is close to "S", it is called S-type loadcell. It is mainly used to measure tensile force or working pressure. The loadcell can be used alone, or multiple simultaneous applications can be output according to the configuration. S-type load cells with different measuring ranges from 2KG to 10 tons can be given. S-type load cell is one of the most common types of load cells, mainly using electronic device resistance strain gauge technology. The resistance strain force loadcell is composed of elastomer material, resistance strain gauge, compensation resistance and wiring cable, and can be designed into various structural forms according to the actual measurement regulations. The elastomeric material is subjected to the measured force causing deformation, along with the resistive strain gages adhered to it. The resistance strain gauge then converts the deformation into a change in resistance value, which in turn can measure the force value.


S-type load cell is a more common loadcell among loadcells. It is mainly used to measure the tensile force and working pressure between solid states. It is also called a tension working pressure loadcell. Because its appearance design is like S, it is habitual Also known as S-type load cell.


The principle of S-type load cell: The polyurethane elastomer causes elastic deformation under external force, so that the resistance strain gauge (transformation component) attached to its surface also causes deformation. After the resistance strain gauge is deformed, its resistance value will be generated. Change (expand or decrease), and then convert this resistor into an electrical signal (working voltage or current amount) through the corresponding accurate measurement power supply circuit, and then complete the whole process of converting the external force into an electrical signal.


The S-type load cell has the dual function of tension and compression: both the tensile force and the working pressure can accurately measure the level of its anti-wheel load working ability, which is also outstanding among many loadcells. Its advantages are high precision, good detection range, and easy installation. It has been widely used in the field of packaging.


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