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These articles are all highly relevant axle weight. I believe this information can help you understand axle weight's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • 2022-12-08

    Axle Weight Calculator has accounted for every state’s specific rules and regulations for both legal and max permitted axle weights. Simply input your gross weight and vehicle configuration and select the states you are going through to see if your weight distribbution is legal or permittable. You can change t
  • 2022-12-05

    How axle weight limits are determined
    Manufacturers Axle RatingYou can’t carry more than your equipment can handle. Both your truck and your trailer should have a manufacturer’s rating posted on them. Make sure to keep the weight under those limits. Mind that just because your equipment can handle the weight does not mean the states wil
  • 2022-12-02

    Why axle weight limits are important to truckers
    The simplest answer is giant fines. Fixing roads is a huge expense to the state, so they will transfer that expense to you. If you get caught overweight on an axle, gross vehicle weight, or worse haven’t purchased an overweight permit, the consequences can be devastating.The fines for a grossly over
  • 2022-12-01

    Why axle weight limits exist
    In 2018 the state and local governments of the United States spent more than 187 billion dollars on highways and bridges making it the 5th largest expense. 44 percent of this funding was dedicated to maintenance, while the other 56% was dedicated to the actual construction of the roads and highways
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