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Working principle of explosion-proof sensor

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In flammable and explosive environments, we give priority to the use of explosion-proof sensors. In order to avoid explosion, we usually choose products with explosion-proof requirements. The explosion-proof methods of the sensor mainly include explosive gas control, explosion control and ignition source control. The working principle of the explosion-proof sensor is briefly introduced below.

1: Explosive gas control

The working principle is to fill the sealed explosion-proof box with clean gas or inert gas without explosive gas. The air pressure inside the box is slightly higher than that outside the box. The sensor is installed inside the box, which can prevent the explosion of explosive gas and play a good explosion-proof role.


2: Explosion control

The working principle is according to Exd standard, the sensor housing is designed according to the explosion-proof standard housing, and the instrument is designed according to the explosion-proof standard housing. All management methods are designed, manufactured and assembled in strict accordance with the specifications, so that the explosion inside the housing will not stimulate the explosion of dangerous gases outside the housing. The design and manufacturing standards of flameproof and explosion-proof methods are extremely strict, and the operating procedures such as assembly, wiring and maintenance are also strict. This method determines that explosion-proof electrical equipment and instruments are often strict and must be cut off for operation, but it is also a useful method in many cases.


3: Ignition source control

The working principle is to use isolated wiring and deal with the power distribution of the sensor, so that the electric energy provided to the field sensor is limited to neither generating enough sparks to ignite nor making the temperature rise of the instrument surface enough to ignite. According to the standard, when the equipment connected to the safety barrier fails, actual explosion-proof measures shall be taken to ensure explosion protection in hazardous areas. Intrinsically safe and flameproof sensors and instruments shall be selected according to different applications and configurations, and explosion-proof certification shall be obtained from the supplier.

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