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Why can't stainless steel weights be held directly by hand

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Many people may have the impression that weights are only used in school laboratories. But don’t you think that only laboratories can use stainless steel weights. In fact, standard weights are used in a wide range of applications, such as pharmaceutical factories, docks, etc. Electronic scale factories, etc. will use weights. When using them, many people may have doubts, why can't stainless steel weights be held directly by hand?

Generally, before using stainless steel weights, the teacher will ask everyone to use tweezers to pick up the weights. Why is that? In fact, this is mainly because the standard weights are made of stainless steel, and our hands will have sweat stains. If we touch them directly with our hands, stains will be left on the weights. If this is the case for a long time, the weights will rust, which will cause Affect the accuracy of weight weighing. In particular, the accuracy of the standard weights used in balances is very high. Once the accuracy is affected, the amount of reagents may deviate and the experiment cannot be carried out successfully. Use tweezers to pick up stainless steel weights to avoid stains caused by holding them.

The use of stainless steel weights is very strict. Not only should it be avoided by hand, it should be handled gently when using it to prevent bumps and stains on the surface of the weight. It should be wiped clean with a soft silk cloth before storage. In addition, attention should be paid to the storage of stainless steel weights. It is best to store them in a special box for weights and store them in a room with a constant temperature to prevent the environment from affecting the quality of standard weights.

For high-precision measuring instruments such as stainless steel weights and balances, when using and storing them, they must strictly abide by the use specifications, and try to extend the use time of stainless steel weights. When in doubt about the accuracy of the weights, you must Use it after passing the inspection.

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