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Where does loadcell use

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The requirement to measure weight or force is not limited to any particular industry or application. Our sensors serve a variety of different applications in a variety of industries. We have defined the following six load cell applications where sensors are frequently used.


01. Industry and Agriculture

Modern machinery is becoming more complex and requires sensors to ensure it can operate safely while maximizing efficiency. We provide manufacturers of trucks, construction machinery, material handling/lifting equipment and agricultural machinery with a range of solutions to meet these needs.


We have an extensive range of on-board load cells for measuring axle loads, monitoring payloads and measuring individual collection tasks such as chassis mounted load cells for bulk hauling vehicles or weighing integrated into the boom of refuse collection vehicles sensor. Construction machinery manufacturers use our measuring systems to determine the stability of aerial work platforms, condition monitoring of cranes and the weighing of containers in reach stacker operations.


The need for precision agriculture is increasing the level of integration of force sensors in agricultural machinery. We have a range of solutions for controlling the operation of balers, farm trailers and combines. Our solutions feature reliable strain gage technology, durable electronics and advanced environmental sealing to deliver consistent accuracy in challenging operating environments.


02. Medical

The medical device industry covers a very wide range of applications, and more and more manufacturers turn to us to help them solve their weighing and force measurement challenges. This field of application requires almost complete custom solutions, as no two types of equipment are the same.


Today, we provide customers with sensors for infusion pumps, weighing systems for continuous renal replacement therapy equipment, precision scales for infant incubators and a range of scales for use in hospital beds, patient lifts and sports equipment sensor to measure the patient. Our product design capabilities extend from sensor development, electronic circuit design, software, plastic molding, aluminum and steel casting to product certification.


03. Process automation + control


We offer an extensive product list for use in the field of process automation and control. Applications range from controlling machines that assemble microchips to those that pump oil from underground reservoirs. All of our products are manufactured to high quality standards to ensure optimum performance across the board. Unique applications get customized solutions.


In electronic assembly equipment or screen printing machinery, we can provide custom solutions to control the insertion force applied to components or the dispensing of screen printing adhesives. Our solutions can be as simple as turning a machine part into a strain gauge bridge, or if required, we are able to design a compact and robust force sensor. Our rugged load cell solutions are suitable for the oil and gas industry, and our pump shutdown control load cells are used to control the efficiency of oil wells.


04. Process weighing

We have an extensive line of general-purpose products for process weighing applications. They cover high-speed packaging machinery right up to level control in high-volume silos. Our product range includes load cells, application hardware, junction boxes, amplifiers and weighing instruments. All products are manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure optimum performance.


If you are weighing the contents of a silo, controlling the mixing process of materials or filling with solids or liquids, a silo weighing system can help. Silo load cells and associated weigh modules have been developed to be compatible with all forms of silo weighing applications, from low to high capacity, our weigh modules are up to 50 tons.


We offer a range of low to high volume sensors for customers weighing tanks and vessels. Our tank load cells are specifically designed to accurately weigh materials stored or mixed in tanks. Our tank load cells can be combined with a range of weigh modules and electronic accessories. We also offer a range of tension load cells for suspended tank applications.


05. Weighing machinery

We have an extensive line of general-purpose products that can be used in weighing machine manufacturing. Our products are manufactured with high quality to ensure optimum performance. We can offer a choice of aluminum, alloy steel or stainless steel construction with environmental sealing using high performance elastomeric materials or laser welded covers.


06. Test + measure

Our range of strain gauges, load cells and instrumentation are ideal for applications in the test and measurement field. Our tensile and compression load cells are commonly used in tensile testing machines for the calibration of samples and for analyzing their mechanical properties.

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