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What should to do before using shackle

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Shackles are an important connection in hoisting operations. The quality of shackles directly affects the safety of hoisting operations. Usually, before using shackles, repeated inspections are required to ensure that there are no problems with the shackles themselves. It has just been put into use, so under which circumstances is the general shackle not recommended to be used again? Next, Chenghua Manufacturing will explain from the following points.



①Cracks and cracks are possible damages to many metal parts, and such damages are usually irreversible. Whether it is the body of the shackle or the pin shaft, if a crack occurs anywhere, we cannot put it into use. among.


②Deformation, the deformation is usually formed under the action of a large external force, and the deformation of the shackle has been severely overloaded except for a serious impact, but no matter which one will cause serious damage to the metal properties of the shackle, Under this kind of damage, the safety factor is also not guaranteed.



③Wear, wear is a common phenomenon of metal objects, and the degree of wear will vary according to the frequency of the operation and the content of the operation. Usually, when the wear of any section exceeds 10% of the nominal size, I can't continue. Use shackles.


④ Corrosion and rusting, even if the shackle is used in a bad working environment, it is difficult to avoid corrosion and rust. When the shackle has a large area of corrosion and rust, it needs to be stopped immediately.



These situations are very likely to cause hoisting accidents, so SAINTBOND manufacturing reminds every friend to do a good job of testing the shackles before hoisting operations to ensure that they are correct before using them.

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