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What's the standard weight E2 mean?

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E2 standard weights are the first-class weights in the class of weights, and their grades belong to the higher grades, and are commonly used in the calibration and testing of high-precision balances such as one-hundredthousandth, one-tenth, one-thousandth, etc.

Standard weights-classify by grade E1 weights E2 weights F1 weights F2 weights M1 weights

The weights are classified as follows according to the standard

Laboratory series

Stainless steel classic series

Stainless steel series

Stainless steel standard series

Stainless steel popular series

Stainless steel series

Industrial Series

Stainless steel large mass weights

Stainless steel lock series

Stainless steel custom series

Pure steel series weights

Cast iron weights

Laboratory equipment

Automatic weight detection equipment

Automatic verification platform scale device

Weight booster lifting device

The technical parameters of E2 standard weights are as follows:

Scope of application: Generally applicable to high-precision laboratories, such as: measurement and testing institutions, pharmaceutical factories, food industries, and environmental testing companies.

Series: Stainless Steel Series

Specification: 1mg-20kg

Material: customized non-magnetic stainless steel

Grade: E2

Specification: 1mg-20kg

Density: 8.0±0.02g/cm3

Magnetic susceptibility≤0.005

Polarization strength: E1≤2.5μT, E2≤8μT, F1≤25μT;

Packaging: Environmental protection aluminum box, in line with FDA, SGS certification

Lining: all imported environmentally friendly materials, in line with FDA, SGS certification

Set details:

1mg*1,2mg*2,5mg*1,10mg*1,20mg*2,50mg*1,100mg*1,200mg*2,500mg*1,1g*1,2g*2,5g*1,10g*1,20g *2,50g*1,100g*1, 200g*2, 500g*1, 1kg*1, 2kg*2, 5kg*1, 10kg*1 20kg*1, a total of 30 

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