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What is the use of non-explosion-proof and explosion-proof electronic scales?

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The main advantages of explosion-proof electronic scales are explosion-proof and explosion-proof. If there is no blessing of this advantage, it is no different from other general electronic scales. However, the sudden loss of its explosion-proof function must be caused by some local problems, so what should we do?


Explosion-proof electronic scale:

The explosion-proof function of the explosion-proof electronic wigh scale is gone. You should first check whether the explosion-proof module has a short circuit. Let's see if the explosion-proof failure is caused by the problem of parameter setting, or it is caused by some other conditions. This reason still needs to be found out quickly. If the cause of this failure is not found out quickly, then it must be impossible to deal with the problem of inability to explode. In addition, you need to check the application range of the electronic scale to see if the humidity is too high. If the humidity is too high, it will also affect the explosion-proof effect.

Because explosion-proof electronic scales are not like electronic floor scales, the operating environment is very harsh, and the environments in which they can be used are all filtered, so the humidity cannot exceed the requirements. Once surpassed, it will directly affect the application. If there is no explosion-proof function, it is very risky. Once an explosion occurs, the influence is huge, so this explosion-proof function is absolutely indispensable.

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