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What is the electronic belt scale?

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Electronic belt weigher refers to an automatic weighing instrument that continuously weighs the bulk materials on the conveyor belt without subdividing the quality or interrupting the movement of the conveyor belt. It is mainly classified by the carrier: weighing bench type carrier, conveyor type carrier; Classification by belt speed: single speed belt scale, variable speed belt scale.


The electronic belt scale is composed of a scale frame, a speed sensor, a high-precision weight sensor, an electronic belt scale control display instrument, etc. It can continuously and dynamically measure solid materials.

The weighing bridge of the electronic belt scale is installed on the conveying frame. When materials pass by, the measuring idler detects that the weight of the materials on the belt conveyor acts on the weighing sensor through a lever to generate a voltage signal proportional to the belt load. The speed sensor is directly connected to the large diameter speed measuring cylinder to provide a series of pulses. Each pulse represents a belt movement unit, and the frequency of the pulse is proportional to the belt speed. The weighing instrument receives signals from the weighing sensor and speed sensor, obtains an instantaneous flow value and an accumulated weight value through integral calculation, and displays them separately.

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