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What is the difference between the high and low quotation of truck scale

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There are many factors that determine the quotation price of a truck scale. Since the current mainstream floor scales are all U-shaped, let's take this as an example:

1: Steel: This is one of the most important factors affecting the price of the floor scale. The price of steel roughly determines the benchmark price of the floor scale.

2: Sensors: There are good or bad sensors. The domestic and imported ones are definitely different in price and quality.

3: Instrument: This is the same as the sensor. The quality of the instrument determines the price. At the same time, the instrument with or without a printer is also a factor.

4: Some optional components: such as computers, software, etc., which have a certain influence in the final total price.

5: Freight: The price of each express company should be the same, the farther the distance, the higher the price of course.

Many customers will find that the quotation prices of different weighbridge manufacturers are very different when they understand the truck scale. So what factors cause the difference in the quotation price of the weighbridge?

1: Different manufacturers use different materials for weighbridges. Take the Shanghai Ying Brand Weighbridge Company's weighbridge as an example. The company's weighbridge body uses Baosteel's steel, which is of good quality. The thickness of the panel is more than 10 mm, and the thickness of the U-shaped beam is also more than 8 mm. Many loadometer manufacturers use low-quality steel, and the thickness of the steel is also greatly reduced. The cost of such a weighbridge must vary greatly.

2: The production process of the weighbridge is different. The floor scales of the square and round floor scales are processed by large-scale imported machinery with high processing accuracy. The welding adopts full welding, which is stronger and more durable than spot welding. The difference between the production process and the welding process is also an influencing factor for the price difference of the weighbridge.

3: The difference in paint process. The paint of Eagle brand floor scales is made of zinc-rich paint, which has strong anti-oxidation ability, but the cost is much higher than that of ordinary paint.

4: The difference in weighbridge accessories. Weighbridge accessories are also important parts of weighbridges, including sensors, meters, etc. The weighbridge parts of Shanghai Eagle Weighbridge are supplied by well-known manufacturers in the industry to ensure high quality, reliability and durability. The load cell adopts Ningbo SAINTBOND load cell. The meter and junction box adopt Yaohua's meter.

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