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What is the difference between spoke load cell and S type load cell

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The load cell is the core component of the plastic tensile machine, and the performance of the load cell directly determines the test performance of the plastic tensile machine. With the load cell, the testing machine can convert the deformation of the test item into a measurable electrical signal, thereby formulating standard technical indicators or judging the quality and performance of the item with reference to the technical indicators. The load cell is the basic component for quantifying the test effect of the testing machine, and it is indispensable. So, how much do you know about load cells? Now, let me give you a good introduction.



S-type load cell

S-type load cell, as its name suggests, S-type load cell. This load cell has the function of both tension and compression. Both tension and compression can be measured. It can be widely used in many industrial automation equipment. S-type load cells are generally small in size and not particularly large in range, and are more common between 100KG and 500KG. The main material of this load cell is alloy steel, and the cost-effectiveness makes this load cell favored by most customer groups in the plastic tensile machine market. The S-type load cell is also among the best among many load cells in terms of its anti-eccentric load capability.



Spoked load cell

The basic principle of the spoke-type load cell of plastic tensile machine is to transfer the load to a spoke-type elastic body, and indirectly measure the load by measuring the shear stress on the spoke, so it is called the spoke-type shear force load cell. It has an excellent performance-price ratio, so it has a strong competitiveness in both the breadth of the measurement field and the measurement accuracy. Compared with the traditional tension-compression load cell, the wheel-spoke load cell has the advantages of high accuracy, small hysteresis, good repeatability, good linearity, strong resistance to eccentric load and lateral force, minimum structural height, and light weight. It can measure both force and pressure, and it can also measure force and tension. It has a wide range of applications in the measurement of large and medium ranges of plastic tension machines.


Comparison of S-type and spoked load cells


It has strong impact resistance and partial load resistance, is not affected by loading points and support edges, and has good linearity. It adopts fixed installation, which is easy to install and has good interchangeability.


The machining is complex, the manufacturing cost is high, and the lag is easy to be too large and difficult to control.


The capacity of the S-type tension-compression load cell is larger than that of the spoke-type load cell.

Installation structure

The spoked load cell is flat and large, while the S-type load cell is tall and narrow, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate installation size when choosing.


The accuracy of the S-type load cell structure will be higher, but the difference is not very large.

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