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What is tension loadcell

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The tension sensor is used to detect the tension change in the traveling of the coil and input signals to the tension controller. There are the following three types commonly used in the market: horizontal tension sensor, through-axis sensor, and cantilever tension sensor. The installation can be seen in the figure below. ;


1. Horizontal tension sensor: a set of two, the guide roller is fixed on the tension sensor, and the signal is sent to the controller by sensing the weight of the material, and the controller automatically adjusts the tension of the magnetic powder; see the installation picture below;


2. Shaft-through tension detector: It can be installed and applied with the idler roller or the live roller, and can be directly installed on the machine bracket or fixed on the bottom plate;


3. Cantilever tension detector: It is designed for the machine installed on the cantilever roller. The detection signal is detected and transmitted in real time with the change of the coil tension, and is not affected by the position of the coil on the roller.


The role of tension sensor in force control

Wire and Cable Manufacturing Tension Control

The manufacture of wire and cable products requires consistent tension to provide repeatable quality results, minimize downtime and increase operator efficiency. Lijing cable tension sensors can be used in conjunction with closed loop tension controllers to provide an automatic tension control loop solution.

Lijing Miniature Load Cells and Cable Tension Sensors (aka Wire Rope Tension Load Cells) support customization to suit a wide range of applications requiring cable, wire, fiber optic or rope tension measurement.



Advantages of wire and cable tension control include:

Minimize stretch or breakage during manufacturing

Optimize manufacturing speed

Reduce tangling incidents and minimize downtime

Ability to utilize existing machine and operator capabilities to manufacture a wider range of products

Consistent quality product


how it works:

While this type of application is usually associated with the textile industry, load cells that use force sensors as cable tension sensors (aka wire rope tension load cells) to measure wire tension are very common in the test and measurement world.


Utilizing Lijing tension sensors provides operators with a space-conscious solution that comes with overload protection and many accessory options.


When the operator performs the test, the results can be streamed to a PC via Lijing's communication solutions.


This PC can monitor all incoming data through measurement software that enables operators to monitor forces, view real-time graphs and log data for analysis. While this type of application may generally be associated with the textile industry, wire tension applications are very common in the field of test and measurement.

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