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What is load pin

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The load pin is actually a hollow-section circular shaft that bears the shear stress function. The double-cut resistor strain gauge is pasted on the middle part of the concave groove in the middle hole wall. There are two accurate measurement methods of the bridge. , that is, the double-cut resistor strain gauges at the two concave grooves together form a Wheatstone bridge, or each form a Wheatstone bridge and then connect in series for accurate measurement.


Load pin have the following features:


1. The elastic element is an overall hollow section circular shaft, with compact structure and simple geometrical appearance design, which is very easy to produce and process with high specification and precision of shape and position;


2. The hollow section has strong anti-twisting and anti-bending working ability, and the ground stress at the neutralized shaft of the pin is relatively large;


3. When the hollow section pin shaft undertakes vertical and horizontal bending, the section with zero bending distance is in the same section;


4. When designing a large-volume pin-type load cell, it is installed in the radial middle hole, and the double-cut resistor strain gauge can be pasted in the hole, which not only obtains very good maintenance but also can perform vacuum Packaging filled with rare gas sealing processing technology;


5. It is very easy to assemble with relevant stress components, and it is convenient to use. The disadvantage of the shaft load pin is that the production process is difficult, and there are many commonly used tools and weapons.


With the development trend of smart sensors, the force measurement of mechanical equipment has gradually migrated from indirect force measurement to immediate force measurement, which has inspired a series of immediate force measurement sensors. One of them. The shaft load pin integrates a variety of hybrid force measuring mechanisms to immediately convert the force on the shaft into 4-50mA or other various industrial production data signals, and integrates into the requirements of different working conditions.


If you have any doubts, please contact our company. SAINTBOND Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company that can customize various specifications and models of shaft-pin load cells, and can produce various high-quality pin load cells that replace various brands. With its precise precision and reliable characteristics, it is favored by new users and trusted by old customers. It is worth mentioning that Yixing Sunway has also built and put into production electronic truck scales, electronic platform scales, electronic scales, high temperature sensors, and load cells.


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