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What is explosion-proof loadcell

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Sensors are common in our daily lives. It can also be said that they can be seen in various occasions. However, the explosion-proof sensors we are talking about today are not very common. They are very specific and specific in a certain industry. It can be seen that this kind of sensor also has errors when used. However, compared with other equipment, the error of this explosion-proof sensor is still very small, and its error is also affected by many aspects. If these errors are not found and resolved in time, it will affect the entire The service life of the sensor and its reliability will also be affected. Then, what kinds of errors are there?


What are the characteristics of explosion-proof sensors?

1) Pressure-resistant explosion-proof structure, suitable for liquid, gas, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other industries with high explosion risk. A distinctive feature of explosion-proof load cells is that they have a pressure-resistant explosion-proof structure. Compared with ordinary load cells, explosion-proof load cells have stronger pressure resistance, and are suitable for liquids, gases, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, etc. The industry applicability is extremely high, and it is also the first choice for these industries.


(2) Explosion-proof grade: Ex d IIB T4 Gb. The physical and chemical properties of explosion-proof load cell platinum are very stable, and it is currently the best material for manufacturing thermal resistance. It can be seen from the material of the explosion-proof load cell that the explosion-proof level of the explosion-proof load cell is very high, and the explosion-proof effect of inflammable and explosive materials is very obvious, which provides a good guarantee for the safety of operators.


(3) Explosion-proof places: Class I, Class II, and the upper limit of the ambient temperature for use is 70°C. In the international practical temperature scale of explosion-proof load cells, platinum resistance is used as the temperature reference in the temperature range of 74 °C. Within a certain temperature range, the resistance of explosion-proof load cells can be approximately regarded as a constant. In explosion-proof places, the explosion-proof level is particularly high, and the ambient temperature used can reach up to 70 °C.


(4) Strong anti-interference performance and high reliability. In recent years, many production departments have been faced with many interference problems such as high noise and weak communication signals, and it is urgent to solve the interference problem. Based on the continuous innovation and improvement of the improved technology of explosion-proof load cells, the explosion-proof load cells invented have gradually become popular, and their excellent anti-interference and strong reliability have also been highly recognized and evaluated by users.


How to solve the error of the explosion-proof sensor?

The explosion-proof sensor load cell itself will have an error, because its own drift value and incorrect slope may cause the sensor error, and this error is what we call the characteristic error, the transfer characteristic of the explosion-proof load cell sensor is ideal There is a certain difference between it and the truth, so this error is not something we can decide.


It can be seen from the literal meaning of these four words that it is relative to the static state. When the explosion-proof sensor load cell  is in the relevant static environment, it will have a relatively strong resistance, so when inputting parameters, the weighing load cell sensor will not It can't react immediately, it needs to sense after a few seconds, and sometimes the speed may be slower.


Explosion-proof sensors weighing load cell rarely have errors in the specified use environment, but if they are used in an environment that is not suitable for them, certain errors will occur, such as being affected by temperature, wind, etc., which may cause the weigh load cell sensor to work in the environment The error in.


The error of the explosion-proof sensor probably has these, so you must pay more attention when using it. If there is an error, it needs to be solved in time.


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