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What is column load cell

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In today's era, in the era of rapid development of industrialization, there will be strict control of quality in all walks of life. This is, the weighing system plays an important role, and many factors should be considered when selecting load cells: quantity, range , Sensitivity, maximum number of divisions, minimum calibration division value, accuracy, drift, etc. are the indicators that must be considered in the selection of sensors. 


The selection of the form of the load cell mainly depends on the type of weighing and the installation space to ensure proper installation and safe and reliable weighing; on the other hand, the manufacturer's suggestions should be considered. For sensor manufacturers, it generally specifies the force condition, performance index, installation form, structural form, and elastomer material of the sensor. For example, aluminum alloy cantilever beam sensors are suitable for electronic pricing scales, platform scales, case scales, etc.; steel cantilever beam sensors are suitable for electronic belt scales, sorting scales, etc.; steel bridge sensors are suitable for rail scales, truck scales, etc.; column type The sensor is suitable for truck scales, dynamic rail scales, large tonnage hopper scales, etc. Load cells are mainly used in various electronic weighing instruments, industrial control fields, online control, safety overload alarms, material testing machines and other fields. Such as electronic truck scales, electronic platform scales, electronic forklifts, dynamic axle load scales, electronic hook scales, electronic pricing scales, electronic steel scales, electronic rail scales, hopper scales, batching scales, canning scales, etc.


Column weighing transducer is the most common type of weighing transducer. It is mainly used to measure pressure. It is mainly used for large range. The common measuring range is 1t to 500t. It has the characteristics of compact structure, strong overload capacity, high inherent rate, fast dynamic response, convenient installation, etc. it is suitable for automobile bathroom, weighbridge, large lifting machinery, experimental machine, various large tonnage weighing control and scientific irrigation industry. Fixed on a flat surface. Due to its small size, Teflon cables with an outer diameter of only 1.4mm are used. Special tools (scalpel, Hoffman wire stripper-awg36-26) are required for handling awg36 stranded wire. Tefon coating is specially used for fixed installation and is not suitable for mobile use. Models with central cable outlets can be used as an alternative to horizontal cable outlets.


During the measurement, gravity acts on the elastic body to produce deformation, and this strain (positive or negative) is converted into an electronic signal by the strain gauge attached to the elastic body. In addition to the essential strain gages and elastomers, the sensor usually includes a housing to protect the strain gage, sealing elements, etc. The hollow cylindrical elastic body has the problem of load loading and has a relatively high hysteresis error, so in practice a column is often used, the hollow column is divided into multiple sectors to reduce the hysteresis, and the load is introduced through a fixed plate.


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