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What is an axle scale

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What is an axle scale?

The advantage of the portable axle load meter is that it is light in weight and easy to carry. It is known as the notebook in the electronic truck scale. Portable axle load scales are used for highway management of overloaded and overloaded transportation, and are an essential tool for road traffic police departments to effectively curb vehicle overloading.

Portable car weighing instrument, the full name of the portable overloaded overloaded car weighing detector, also known as the portable overloaded overload detector, the road political mobile overloading instrument, the portable overloaded detection weighbridge, etc. Weighing instrument is one of the super treatment instruments, and it is also a must for protecting the car. It can manage over-limit transportation and is an essential tool for road administration departments to effectively curb vehicle overloading and over-limiting.


The following points should be paid attention to when using the portable axle load meter:

1: Any scale has its own limited range. The portable axle load meter is also a kind of scale. Of course, it also has its limited range and its own weighing range. When we use it, the weight of the item cannot exceed the portable operator's weight. If it exceeds the safe weighing range of the portable axle load instrument, it will damage the axle load instrument itself;

2: Before use, turn on the portable axle load meter, and weigh the vehicle after the display returns to zero, otherwise the weighing data may be inaccurate;

3: Each weighing plate has its own weighing area. After the weighing vehicle is on the weighing platform, it should drive straight and try to stop at the center of the weighing area of the weighing platform for weighing. If it is too heavy, it will affect the axle loadometer. accuracy;

4: When the vehicle needs to be weighed up and down the axle loadometer scale platform, try to ensure a uniform speed, the speed should not exceed 5km/hour, and it is necessary to pay attention not to brake suddenly on the scale platform;

5: The weighing vehicle needs to come down in time after the weighing is completed, and do not stay on the axle load scale platform for a long time;

6: When the weighing platform is not working, do not perform electric welding operations on the portable weighbridge;

7: It is necessary to keep the ground of the portable weighbridge flat, and there are garbage and the like that need to be cleaned up in time. If it is not flat, it needs to be leveled before weighing;

8: Since the portable axle load meter is a combination of mechanical and electronic components, the sealing level is generally around IP65/IP66. There should be good drainage around the portable weighbridge, and there should be no stagnant water. If there is stagnant water, it should be cleaned up in time;

9: Regularly check the gap between the weighing platform of the portable floor scale and the limit device. If the gap is too large or too small, it needs to be adjusted in time, otherwise it will affect the use of the portable floor scale.

10: The wireless portable axle load instrument is generally equipped with a battery. The condition of the battery should be checked regularly, and it should not be placed for a long time. If the axle load instrument does not work for a long time, the battery should be charged;


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