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What is an axle load scale and how does an axle load scale calculate the weight?

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The axle load scale is just one of our measuring tools. The full name is the dynamic and static electronic scale of axle load measurement. This kind of axle load scale is mainly composed of high-precision rust-steel column load cell and short table top weighing platform. Some advanced points are composed of liquid crystal display intelligent dynamic instruments, and some are directly connected to the printer. The basic axle load scales are all composed of these.

The principle of calculating the weight of the axle load scale is similar to that of the electronic platform scale. Most electronic-focused instruments on the market now use this principle. First of all, the axle load scale is measured by the weight pressure of the object. When the object is on the axle load scale, it will give the axle load scale a force, and this force is transmitted to the sensor of the axle load scale. Then it causes the sensor to deform, thereby forming a signal to be transmitted to the resistor, and the resistor is converted into different currents according to the size of the inside. These currents are being transmitted to the integrated circuit, and the result is analyzed through the program originally set up by the integrated circuit, and then transmitted to the calculator.

After it is passed to the calculator, the calculator will then issue commands to the additional instrument, 

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