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What is a spoke sensor?

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The wheel spoke type force sensor is a force sensor made of wheel spoke type elastic body structure and shear type stress principle. The spoke type load cell, as its name implies, is like a wheel. The spokes are symmetrically distributed between the wheel hub and the rim, mostly 4, 6 and 8. It has low height and good stability; Strong ability to resist eccentric load and lateral load; Good linearity and repeatability; The overload capacity is strong. By controlling the clearance between the hub and the support bottom, the overload capacity can reach more than 300%; The elastic element is a symmetrical whole structure, with good thermal expansion consistency in all directions and low temperature coefficient; The elastic element structure is convenient to realize the welding sealing of upper and lower circular diaphragms, and the sealing grade can reach IP68. The main disadvantage of the spoke type weighing sensor is the large lag error, which needs to be improved through structural design and manufacturing process.

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