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What is Wire Rope Tension Loadcell

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The cable tension loadcell is also called the cable load cell. It is a new and simple length tension load cell, which is widely used and has the advantages of compact structure, long measurement stroke, small installation space size, high measurement accuracy, good reliability, long service life and less maintenance. So what are the precautions for the use of the rope tension loadcell? The following is the sharing of Kaidi Electronics Xiaobian:


1. The rope tension loadcell is a precision instrument. It is strictly forbidden to knock or beat it during installation. Improper installation and use will affect the performance and service life of the rope tension load cell.


2. When installing the cable head, pay attention to the verticality of the outlet, that is, try to make the wire rope perpendicular to the outlet, and keep the minimum angle (less than or equal to 3 degrees) to ensure the measurement accuracy and the life of the cable; at the same time, the cable head is fixed. The distance to the initial position of the moving parts and the measuring stroke should be within the allowable range of the cable.


3. The wiring of the pull-rope tension load cell must be correct. Wrong wiring will cause damage to the internal circuit.


4. The surface of the pull-rope tension load cell is coated with plastic, and do not allow it to be cut, burned, impacted and other inappropriate things by external force, otherwise it will affect the life of the tension load cell.


5. Please do not wrap the output line and power line of the tension load cell together or transmit it in the same pipeline, and it is not suitable to use it near the wiring board to prevent interference.


The working principle and common parameters of the rope tension load cell

The function of the pull-rope tension load cell is to convert mechanical motion into electrical signals that can be measured, recorded or transmitted. The cable tension load cell consists of a stretchable stainless steel rope wrapped around a threaded hub that is connected to a precision rotary load cell, which can be an incremental encoder, absolute (independent) encoder, hybrid or Conductive plastic rotary potentiometers, synchronizers or resolvers.


In operation, the pull-rope tension load cell is installed in a fixed position, and the pull-rope is tied to the moving object. The linear movement of the pulling rope is aligned with the movement axis of the moving object. The drawstring stretches and contracts as the movement occurs. An internal spring keeps the tension of the drawstring constant. The threaded hub drives the rotation of the precision rotation load cell, which outputs an electrical signal proportional to the distance the cable moves. Measuring the output signal can yield the tension, direction or velocity of the moving object.


Common parameters include measurement stroke, output signal mode, linearity, repeatability, resolution, wire diameter specification, outlet tension, maximum round-trip speed, weight, input resistance value, power, working voltage, working temperature, vibration, protection level, etc. .


Pull rope tension load cell signal output mode

The signal output mode of the rope tension load cell is divided into digital signal output and analog signal output. The digital output type can choose incremental rotary encoder, absolute value encoder, etc. The output signal is square wave ABZ signal or Gray code signal, and the maximum stroke can be done To 10,000 mm, the linear accuracy is up to 0.01%, and the resolution can reach up to 0.001 mm/pulse depending on the configuration.


The analog output type can choose precision potentiometer, Hall encoder, absolute value encoder, etc. The output signal can be 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V, serial SSI and resistance signal, etc. The maximum stroke It can reach 12500 mm, and the maximum use environment can reach the protection level of IP65. It can be used in a wide temperature environment of -45℃~+105℃.

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