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What is SAINTBOND crane scale

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Electronic crane scales, also known as electronic hook scales and electronic crane scales, are generally divided into two types in terms of digital display methods, direct-view electronic crane scales and wireless electronic crane scales.

Electronic hook scales are widely used in steelmaking, casting, electrolytic aluminum workshop ladle, molten iron, electrolytic aluminum ladle and electromagnetic chuck and other high temperature, strong magnetic field weighing.

Advantages of electronic crane scales

1)The shell of all-steel structure is beautiful, strong and impact-resistant

2)The scale body has been treated with special technology and has strong high temperature resistance

3)Good anti-electromagnetic interference performance is used on the electromagnetic chuck

4)Excellent dynamic performance, stable and accurate weighing results can be quickly obtained even under strong shaking

5)Large-scale integrated circuit design, stable performance, optional RS232 serial port to facilitate connection to large screens and computers

6)Rotary rechargeable battery, low power consumption, longer use time

Different choose of crane scales

1. Straight electronic crane scale

The biggest feature is that the weighing display instrument is connected with the scale body, sensor, battery, etc., and the weighing data can be directly viewed on the crane scale.

2.Second, the wireless electronic hook scale

This scale, its scale body is separate from the meter, and it is not possible to view the weighing result directly on the scale body. At the same time, it can be used with large-screen monitors at the same time. This kind of scale is generally used in a high temperature environment. For example, a crane scale is installed in a high temperature workshop. The display instrument can be carried by hand, and then the data can be viewed from a long distance. The radio transmission distance is not blocked when it is not blocked. Will be less than 150 meters, and remote control of the scale body. Or place the large-screen display in other rooms, and you can view the weighing data directly and conveniently.

Intelligent electronic hook scales use micro-embedded industrial weighing solutions--for the weighing of objects with relatively large volumes and weights, weighing instruments with relatively large ranges such as floor scales and crane scales are usually used, and for those manufacturers who produce large objects For example, sometimes in-shipment and warehouse management need to judge and identify the model, size and specification of the product by weighing. For example, in a large steel pipe factory, the length of each pipe may be the same, but the thickness and diameter of the pipe wall are different, which is difficult to judge by the naked eye.

The product weight of each specification is different, so the wall thickness specification of the pipe can be judged by weighing. Before using the SAINTBOND intelligent weighing system, the practice of steel pipe manufacturers was to first weigh a pile of pipes of the same type, and then input the weighing data on the computer to compare and judge the wall thickness of the pipes.

After using the SAINTBOND intelligent weighing system, you can directly connect to the customer server through the micro-embedded intelligent weighing instrument, and obtain relevant information with one key, including the relevant parameter information of operators and pipes, and automatically identify the wall thickness for each weighing and save it locally. And all weighing data is automatically uploaded to the server. After using the micro-embedded intelligent weighing instrument, a computer is no longer required to input and upload relevant data, which saves labor costs and hardware costs, and greatly improves work efficiency.

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