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What are the characteristics of explosion-proof floor scales?

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Explosion-proof platform scales effectively combine weighing equipment, computers, and databases to realize real-time display of symmetrical data, good-motion collection, safe storage, multi-method query, summary calculation and print output, and provide science for the transportation capacity adjustment , Accurate and timely data. At the same time, it also reduces the labor intensity of the operators, improves the work efficiency and economic benefits, prevents the occurrence of fraud to a large extent, and plays an active role in the production and management of the enterprise.


The standard configuration of the explosion-proof floor scale is mainly composed of three main parts: load-bearing force transmission organization (scale body), high-precision weighing sensor, and weighing display instrument, which can complete the basic weighing function of the floor scale, or according to the requirements of different users , Optional printer, large-screen display, weighing management software system to fulfill higher-level data management and transmission needs.


Features introduction:

1:Adopt high-strength reinforced carbon steel structure steel plate weighing platform precision welding, the structure is firm and durable, and the use of hoses can protect the sensor connection line.

2:It can be easily connected to the component control display to read component data and activate other functions.

3:High-quality electrostatic spraying and sandblasting treatment, strong corrosion resistance, excellent weighing platform strength, beautiful appearance, strong and durable.

4:With IP67 special waterproof connection box, strong anti-surge (parallel) waterproof function.

5:Compact structure, stable function, accurate measurement, high degree of universalization of parts, easy to disassemble, easy to transport, easy to move the scale body, directly laid on the concrete floor.

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