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WST005 Portable Ramp Truck Scales Vehicle Weighing Movable Truck Scales

  • WST005



Product Description:

1.Accuracy grade: 3;

2.Maximum weighing: 10/20/30/50t;

3.Table size w x l (m): 2×4, 2×5, 2.5×5, 2.5×6, 3×7, 3×8, 3×9m work power: 220VAC 50Hz;

4.Work temperature: indicator:-10°C~ 40°c;

5.Scale and sensor:-30°C~ 65°c;

6.Relative humidity: < 95% f;

7.Apply to: change weighing locations occasionally;


1.The scale need a flat concrete floor, the thickness of concrete floor is not less than 200mm; particularly suitable for use in grain, fruit and other seasonal occasions; Make sure the scale body, scale slope and the wheel not touch each other when using

2.No need do base, this products with double slopes, four move wheels, use convenient; the largest weighing less than 50T; maximum length 9m weighing precision of level III;Max weight50t;Max length9m;Weight accuracy class

3.Electrical part has simulation type and digital type configuration, digital type has better anti-cheat and anti-interference function;

4.Printer and big screen is optional;

5.No pit and pit installation way, recommended without pit way;

6.Variety explosion-proof modes are optional



2.Net weight/tare

3.Weight accumulation


Competitive Advantage:

1. High quality and Durable

2. Competitive Price

3. Adequate Stock

4. Fast Delivery

5. Convenient Transportation

6. Good Service


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