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WSA104 Vet & Zoo Weighing Scales Portable Animal Scales

  • WSA104



LS11 Veterinary Scale | Pet Scale made with stainless steel SUS304 cover and anti-slip rubber pad, give the pet a health touch during weight check, it with two platforms for select, for different pets, easy movement with a handle and two castors on the bottom, four rubber feet for stable weighing.


6 Functions:

No / off (on key) tar (clear key) mode (correction key / single conversion key) C / R (range conversion key) hold (locking key) PCs key (counting key);

Pet weight scale for small animals, dog , cat , sheep

Stainless steel waterproof platform, ABS base for anti-corrosion.

Big LCD display with blue backlight.

Tare function,overload and low power indication,

Product information:

Scale table size: 360×300 mm

Outer box size: 54 × 41 × 35cm

Packing quantity: 5pcs

Gross weight: 16KG

Net weight: 13kg


Scale table size: 380 × 300 mm

Outer box size: 44 ×43× 36cm

Packing quantity: 4pcs

Gross weight: 16KG

Net weight: 13kg


Scale table size: 520 × 420mm

Outer box size: 55 × 44 × 11cm

Packing quantity: 1pcs

Gross weight: 8kg

Net weight: 6kg


Scale table size: 900× 550mm

Outer box size: 100 * 68 * 15cm

Packing quantity: 1pcs

Gross weight: 18kg

Net weight: 16KG


Scale table size: 1135 * 530mm

Outer box size: 117 × 72 × 9.5cm

Packing quantity: 1pcs

Gross weight 19.5kg

Net weight: 16.5kg


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