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WS0504 Jewelry Weighing Scales Best Jewelry Scale

  • WS0504



Product Description:

Measuring range 20g / 0.001g 50g / 0.001g;

Division value: 0.001g;

Unit: G, Oz, OZT, DWT, CT, GN;

Display screen size: 75×36 mm;

Key: switch, unit, reset, count;

Product size: 96×150× 64 mm;

Scale size: 65 mm diameter;

Net weight: 216g;

Battery: 4×AAA (four No. 7 batteries) (adapter is also available);

Allowable error range: ± 2 ‰ + 1;

Automatic shutdown;

Low voltage prompt / overload prompt;

Color box: 23×14×7.5 cm;

20 sets / box;

Outer box: 61.6×38×23.5 cm / 20pcs, 2 small boxes / one box;

Net / gross weight G.W 10 kgs;

Equipped with high precision sensor, built-in level balance instrument, can adjust the height of four feet;

Product weight: 448 g (color box + electronic scale + foam + small tray + weight + camera + small camera + pearl cotton + 4 AAA batteries);

Product Features:

Material: fingerprint oil 304 stainless steel material on the scale, blue backlight LCD;

Operating Instructions:

Please put the scale on the level platform without wind;

Press the on / off key to turn it on;

When 0.000 is displayed on the LCD, the weighing can be started;


Please don't put the scale on carpet or soft material;

Do not immerse scale in water or use chemical / abrasive cleaners;

Clean any plastic parts of the scale immediately after being contaminated by oil, spicy ingredients, vinegar or other irritants;




Warm Reminder: 0.001g is the accuracy, the division value is 0.005 g, and the error is less than 0.003g;


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