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WI0501 Weighing Indicator Manufacturers Large Display Weighing Indicator

  • WI0501


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The WI0501 indicator is our intermediate indicator built for those with simple weighing needs. This indicator is user friendly with only four button key and an easy to read ultra bright screen. It has Gross, Tare and Zero features and can way in both pounds and kilograms. The WI0501 is commonly used with Saintbond’s animal weighing scales because of its multiple hold modes. Its five hold modes, are Peak hold, Manual hold, Auto hold, Average Hold, and Auto Average hold. The average hold is perfect for weighing livestock because it averages the weight from a set sampled amount of seconds in-case the animal is unable to stay still on the scale. This indicator has a smooth metal casing and comes with a stainless steel mounting bracket and hardware. It can be powered though the included AC adapter or with three AAA batteries.




Standard Features:

Smooth indicator shape with high performance PCB board, is suitable for industrial or commercial use

● Multiple weighing units: (lb/kg/oz);

● Gross/Tare/Zero;

● Multiple Hold functions;

● Low power design, longer battery usage;

● Idle mode and automatic power off function;

● Low-battery detection and warning;

● 6 digits 0.7” tall LCD display with backlight;

● Splash proof keyboard and display;

● RS232 Output;

● Print to an optima scale ticket printer;

● Overload / Underload alarm;

● Power saving mode;

● 100% manual zero range setting;

● Automatic error warning alarm;

● Displays up to 50,000 graduations;

● Mounting bracket and Hardware (included);

● Operates on 110V AC adapter (included) or 3 AAA Batteries (not included);

● Full Duplex RS-232 Serial Port;

● Drives up to 4 350Ω load cells;

● 1 Year Warranty;




6 digital 0.7 tall LCD Display with backlight


lb, kg(primary); oz (secondary)

Accuracy Class

OIML III, n=3000e


120,000 dd industrial; 10,000 dd HB44

Load Cell

4load cells of 350Ω maximum

Load Cell Excitation

5 ± 0.5VDC

Display Resolution

Up to 1/15,000 Display Resolution

Display Increment

14°F to 104°F (-10°C to +40°C) ≤90%RH

Decimal Point

Selectable 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 decimal places

Tare Range

2%~100% max. capacity

Initial Zero Range

±10% max. capacity

Manual Zero Range

±2% max. capacity


Product name WI0501 Weighing Indicator Manufacturers Large Display Weighing Indicator
Market All over the world
Features High precision and stable performance
Advantage 0EM/ODM
Sample Lead Time 5~ 40Days
Sample price The price is different according to product capacity
Custom Design Welcome
Form of sale Factory supply


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