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Vehicle weighing instrument

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Portable vehicle weighing instrument, the full name is portable over-limit and overload vehicle weighing detector, also known as portable over-limit and overload detector, road administration mobile monitoring and over-limiting instrument, portable over-limit detection platform scale, etc.

Shenzhen Zhongluda Automobile Weighing Instrument is one of the super-controlling instruments, and it is also a must-have for car protection.

The advantages of Shenzhen Zhongluda are its thin tabletop, light weight, and easy portability. It is known as the notebook in the electronic truck scale.

Shenzhen Zhonglu Data manages over-limit transportation and is an indispensable tool for the road administration to effectively curb vehicle overload and over-limit.

The advantage of Shenzhen Zhongluda lies in its light weight and easy portability.

Shenzhen Zhongluda is used for highway management over-limit and overload transportation. It is an indispensable tool for road administration and traffic police departments to effectively curb vehicle overload and over-limit.

1. Shenzhen Zhongluda Lightweight: The use of ultra-high carrier frequency digital wireless transmission technology improves the anti-interference ability of the system, provides a technical guarantee for the dynamic measurement accuracy, and overcomes the problem that the wired transmission technology line is easily crushed.

2. Shenzhen Zhongluda automobile weighing instrument has high detection accuracy: the product uses high-precision sensors, and the detection accuracy can reach: static <± 2‰FS, dynamic <± 2%FS.

3. Waterproof: Multi-layer sealing protection of the weighing platform: The sensor is sealed and laser welded, the structure is simple and easy to maintain, and the effect of moisture-proof and waterproof is good, ensuring normal detection in rainy days.

4. Shenzhen Zhongluda automobile weighing instrument is easy to operate: the system adopts Chinese menu operation, the instrument has more complete display, setting, correction, operation, printing, communication and other functions, which is simple and clear to use. A single weighing platform can be used for wheel measurement (static and dynamic), and two weighing platforms can be used for axis measurement (static and dynamic). 

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