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Use of explosion-proof electronic scales

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At present, most explosion-proof electronic scales used in supermarkets, retail outlets, bazaars, etc. adopt electronic automatic weighing technology, which makes consumers generally believe that their weighing accuracy is high and they are trustworthy. However, it is more common for some operators to manipulate explosion-proof electronic weighing scales, so consumers still encounter shortcomings when shopping. The Consumer Association reminds consumers to beware of the measurement trap of explosion-proof electronic weighing scales.

In the course of business operations, some vendors deliberately tilted the table or raised a corner of the weighing pan with coins, paper, etc., so that the weighing weight can be heavier; pay attention to the zero point of the explosion-proof electronic weighing scale, that is, the empty scale (including the weighing pan) When the weighing pan is removed, the displayed value should be a negative value, such as -0.075kg, which is the weight of the weighing pan. Individual business operators play the trick of "selling on a single plate", that is, deliberately not placing the weighing pan on the scale, but adjusting the display value to zero. When the customer is shopping, the weighing pan with the product is placed on the scale for measurement. The weight of the weighing pan is transferred to the measurement of the product and calculated in the payment; when weighing multiple times, you should pay attention to the unit price of different products, such as buying both sweets and cakes, which causes accumulation problems. Attention should be paid to the unit price indication window of the pricing weighing scale. If the unit prices of two commodities are different and the same price is entered, it will result in the phenomenon that low-priced commodities are collected at high prices; when measuring the sold commodities, the operators will throw the commodities heavily into the weighing pan, and use the impact force to make the electronic digital display It is artificially increased in an instant, and the product is immediately picked up, "grab time and speed" to deceive consumers.

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