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The use of four-plate static wheel weight tester

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There are two options for the four-plate static wheel gauge, one is wired wheel gauge and the other is wireless wheel gauge; according to the needs of customers, both wired wheel gauge and wireless wheel gauge are welcomed in the market, catering to many good reviews from guests.


(Wireless four-board static wheel weight meter)

(Wired four-plate static wheel weight meter)

The whole wheel load and axle load measurement system is used to measure the wheel load, front and rear axle load, left and right load and total weight of the whole vehicle. It can connect 4 axle load plates at the same time for static weighing. The axle weight and the weight of the whole vehicle are easier and more convenient to operate than the general push-button instrument.

The four-plate static wheel load instrument (wired portable axle load instrument/wireless portable axle load instrument) realizes the function of data communication, and has a data communication interface, a device microcomputer and a computer connection to exchange detection data information. The load cell adopts a new welding manufacturing technology, and it is also filled with helium gas to protect the safety of the circuit. The protection level is very high. It adopts fieldbus technology, the communication speed is super fast, and it also has communication error correction function. Due to the confidentiality of the communication protocol, The obtained data has high precision and high reliability.

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