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The concrete batching plant weighing system is mainly divided into three parts

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The weighing system of concrete mixing station is mainly divided into three parts: aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weight, which are an important part of concrete and concrete production costs. This article mainly describes the parts in detail.

1: Aggregate weighing

The aggregate used in the concrete mixing station can be independently set according to the aggregate size and particle size, which is called the single weight method. Although the individual weighing method has the advantages of high weighing accuracy, the weight of the hopper is too large, and the complex structure of the weighing device of the mixing station has a tendency in the concrete mixing station. The aggregate is divided into two groups, coarse aggregate and fine aggregate. Aggregation device, cumulative weight method has been widely used.

2: Weighing powder

The weight of the cement is also used to accumulate the weighing method, and the cement is added to the same hopper, and the structure is simple and the cost is low;

In order to avoid chemical changes, it is not suitable for chemical changes, generally there are 2 weighing devices for admixtures.

3: Liquid weighing

The weighing system of the mixing station includes a liquid delivery pump and a liquid delivery pipeline, a butterfly valve and a weighing hopper, including a weighing hopper bracket and a weighing barrel shell device. The weighing hopper bracket is set around the weighing barrel, an anti-swing device and a weighing hopper. The hopper is connected to one end, and the other end is connected to the weighing barrel bracket and installed to swing.

At present, the batching process of most concrete mixing plants is fully automatic control, and the performance of the production equipment is specifically quality, so it is very important for users to choose professional equipment.

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