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The Important Role Of Sensors In Automation Equipment

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In recent years, sensor technology has developed rapidly, and the technology is more mature and perfect, which promotes the development of robot technology. The innovation and progress of sensor technology is bound to bring innovation and progress to robots and other automation industries. Because many functions of robots are realized by sensors, it will make automation more intelligent. Sensors are important parts of automation equipment. Intelligent sensors can be applied to SmartCars, robots, etc. They can identify the conditions they sense and use artificial intelligence to feed back the reaction system through the driving device.

 Since manufacturing automation entered the field of automation, it has been widely applied to intelligent sensors in industrial robots and robots, and has occupied the market with advanced technical strength. It is reported that with the development of robot demand industry, the application of sensors in robots will become wider and wider, and the market space will become larger and larger. In turn, the technological progress of sensors will also promote the development of automation in a more intelligent direction. The new generation of intelligent sensors will become the heart of industrial automation.

 "Intelligent factory" refers to strengthening information management and service based on the digital factory, using the technology of the Internet of Things and equipment monitoring technology, clearly mastering the production and marketing process, improving the controllability of the production process, reducing the manual intervention on the production line, collecting the production line data timely and correctly, and reasonable production plan arrangement and production progress. The technologies that can be realized in an intelligent factory include wireless sensing, networked control systems, wireless industrial communications and other weighing sensors. Some product quality indicators are measured directly and controlled online. The sensor with intelligent technology can solve the above problems well.

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